DIY Fabric Wreath for Under $10

22 Feb

Day 9 of February’s Photo A Day Challenge was to take a picture of your front door…that’s the day I came to the realization that my front door is just …meh!! It’s just a plain, no pizzaz, dull front door…..I needed to give it a face lift ASAP!

Pre-made wreaths were pretty expensive and I knew I could find a cheaper solution that was more my style…Pinterst had a bunch of options, but when I saw one that only used fabric scraps and a $2 piece of foam from Home Depot I thought I had to give it a try.

  • First I picked up a long piece of pipe foam ($2 at Home Depot/Lowes) and cut it down to the size I needed. Make sure you use Duct Tape to adhere the ends together, it holds the best.

  • I Found some fabric at Joann’s -1 yard for the base and about a 1/2 yard for the flowers ($6)
  • I followed the steps from The Malphrus Family blog on how to wrap the fabric around the foam and a tutorial on making the pom-pom flowers (The longest part of the whole project is making the flowers, a little tedious)
  • I painted a wooden “S” ($1.50 at the Hobby Lobby) and hot glued it to the fabric

 Ta-da!!! the front door now has a little bit of personality!!!


Bird Wall Art

19 Feb

One of my Pinterest finds and a very simple and inexpensive way to create some artwork.

Blue Cricket Design -Bird Art

My friend Rhona needed some new artwork for her office that would replace a picture of an old bridge that was pretty ugly. She saw a pin I posted to my Pinterest board that would fit perfectly.

I headed out to Lowes’s to get a piece of wood ($8 for a 2’x4′ piece that I had them cut to the size I needed) then stopped by the used book store and found an old book on the clearance rack ($2). Check out Blue Cricket Design for step-by-step instructions…it took me only about 2 hours to finish (most of it was drying time).

Rhona’s office with her new artwork


Jake’s 1st Birthday

17 Jan

This little cutie turned 1 a few weeks ago and I helped his mom with some of the decorations for his big birthday celebration.

I’m pretty old school with my tools, hand cutting everything out with  regular ol’ scissors or using glass cups and plates as circle templates 🙂 So my plan was to start early and do a little bit every day so I could finish in time for the party.  Luckily, I was able to borrow a Cricuit machine from a friend…so what was originally probably going to take me about a week to complete only took 1 day! I don’t know how I ever managed without one!!!

The theme was “A Year of Firsts” and I found some inspiration for banners on Pinterest (very addicting) and this is what I came up with:

 “Happy Birthday Jake”  banner

Monthly banner – newborn (n) to 11 months (11)

“A Year of Firsts” banner & an arrangement of Jake’s milestones (1st road trip, 1st time @ the zoo, 1st Halloween, etc)

Sneaker Addict!

7 Dec

Whipped up a couple of painting for my cousin’s birthday….he LOVES sneakers!!! 🙂



Air Yeezy’ s

Jordan III

Salt & Pepper Kitchen Art

19 Oct

I scored these cool wooden plaques from my aunts garage she let me rummage through a few months ago. The colors didn’t really go with my kitchen , but I thought they would be perfect for my sister. I text my sister to tell her about my idea and sent her some pictures of the plaques, she replied  “I don’t want those fat chefs in my house” ….Wow!


Ok…plan B…i’ll turn them into something else! I used the extra paint I had lying around in the garage, sandpaper, wood stain, and an image of some old salt and pepper shakers I found online and turned those fat little chefs into something new (with a vintage feel). Unfortunately, they were too big for my kitchen space so I decided to give my sister another chance at them……looks like I will be delivering them to her this weekend 🙂


Gumball Machine Revamp

13 Sep

When me, my sister and cousins were little we used to visit our aunt’s house as often as we could. It felt like a mini-vacation even though we were only a few miles away from home. We would camp in the backyard like we were out in the wilderness and swim in a little blow-up pool and pretended it was a jacuzzi 🙂 I  remember all four of us sitting in a big over-stuffed chair watching Michael Jackson’s “Moonwalker” (almost everyday) and on the shelf  right next to the TV was a bright yellow gumball machine.

My in-laws are having a yard sale this weekend so I went to my aunt’s house and gathered all the stuff she was willing to get rid of, one of those items was the old yellow gumball machine. When I got it home, I decided I couldn’t just let some random person buy it at the yard sale since it reminded me of when I was younger.  So instead, I cleaned it up….added a little paint ….and found a place for it on my kitchen counter!

Birth Announcement – Subway Art

9 Sep

I saw a bunch of tutorials on subway-style artwork on some of my favorite craft  blogs lately, so I wanted to try it out.  It just so happened that a few months ago my brother-in-law’s sister  just had a beautiful baby girl, so I decided to create a subway style birth announcement for her. I followed blogger Ashley’s easy step-by-step instructions on Lil Blue Boo, with a few little tweaks, and in a couple of hours I had the finished product!  The most tedious part is cutting out all the letters, but just turn on the football game to keep you company and by half-time you should be ready to paint 🙂

Welcome to the World Hailey Madison!!!!

Photos courtesy of the GREATEST photographers in the world!! – VNext Media