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DIY Fabric Wreath for Under $10

22 Feb

Day 9 of February’s Photo A Day Challenge was to take a picture of your front door…that’s the day I came to the realization that my front door is just …meh!! It’s just a plain, no pizzaz, dull front door…..I needed to give it a face lift ASAP!

Pre-made wreaths were pretty expensive and I knew I could find a cheaper solution that was more my style…Pinterst had a bunch of options, but when I saw one that only used fabric scraps and a $2 piece of foam from Home Depot I thought I had to give it a try.

  • First I picked up a long piece of pipe foam ($2 at Home Depot/Lowes) and cut it down to the size I needed. Make sure you use Duct Tape to adhere the ends together, it holds the best.

  • I Found some fabric at Joann’s -1 yard for the base and about a 1/2 yard for the flowers ($6)
  • I followed the steps from The Malphrus Family blog on how to wrap the fabric around the foam and a tutorial on making the pom-pom flowers (The longest part of the whole project is making the flowers, a little tedious)
  • I painted a wooden “S” ($1.50 at the Hobby Lobby) and hot glued it to the fabric

 Ta-da!!! the front door now has a little bit of personality!!!